Nanoparticle Isolators

Get the highest quality results for cell isolation and particle labeling with silicon membranes that minimize environmental contamination.

Nanoparticle Isolator Variations

SiMPore’s silicon nanomembranes are useful for filtering a range of solutes of varying sizes and formats—from nanoparticles to mammalian cells.

nanoparticle isolator variations

SepCon® Spin Vials

Ensures quality results

Our separation columns feature distinct filtration cut-off options depending on solute size.

Extremely versatile

All SepCon® Spin Vials are compatible with standard microcentrifuge tubes.

nanoparticle capture slides

Nanoparticle Capture Slides

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Nanoparticle Isolator Applications

Separate and capture particles of any size with nanoparticle isolators that are perfect for sample preparation and easy imaging of particles on highly transparent and ultrathin membranes. Explore our specific product recommendations for these particular applications.

ev analysis magnified
EV Analysis
Cell Isolation
Cell Isolation

Find high-quality membranes for biomedical research and analysis.

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