Founding Team

Richard D. Richmond

Rick Richmond is a specialist in scientific business development. His experience encompasses venture fund raising, business planning and development, marketing including domestic and international product launches, finance and division and company management. Prior to SiMPore, Rick was CEO of STS Biopolymers, a leading developer and producer of polymeric coatings for medical devices. He led the development of the company from a two-person research and development operation to a 46-person research, development, licensing and production leader in the field, with operations in the U.S. and the Netherlands, and led the sale of STS Biopolymers to Angiotech Pharmaceuticals. He has a BS with honors from St. Lawrence University and an MBA and an MS from the University of Rochester Simon School.  He serves on several corporate, industrial, angel investing and charitable boards.

Thomas R. Gaborski, Ph.D.

Thomas Gaborski is a bioengineer, who bridges the gap between life sciences, engineering and technology commercialization. He is one of the co-inventors of the SiMPore membrane technology developed at the University of Rochester and led the product development and membrane characterization teams. Tom is currently on the biomedical engineering faculty at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he continues to develop novel applications of ultrathin membranes ranging from separations to cell culture and medical devices. Tom completed a BS in Biological and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Rochester. He has been the principle investigator on several NIH innovative research grants, where research concepts have been successfully commercialized into products. Tom is also a co-inventor on several patents in bionanotechnology licensed to SiMPore.

James L. McGrath, Ph.D.

James McGrath is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering and the Graduate Program Director in BME at the University of Rochester. He holds degrees from MIT in both Mechanical Engineering (MS) and Biological Engineering (PhD) and trained as a post-doctoral fellow in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. McGrath is a founding member of SiMPore and leads the multidisciplinary Nanomembrane Research Group (NRG) at the University of Rochester. The NRG is a group of students, senior scientists, faculty, and entrepreneurs working on the development and application of ultrathin silicon membranes, with a focus on microfluidics, medical devices, precision biomolecule separation, and cell culture. McGrath has been awarded numerous federal and state grants for nanomembrane development, is co-inventor on several patents related to nanomembranes and has authored dozens of publications on the topic.  

Christopher C. Striemer, Ph.D.

Christopher Striemer is an engineer focused on transforming laboratory-developed nanotechnologies into commercially successful products. He received his Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Rochester in 2004, targeting problems in biotechnology and solar energy. Through his graduate studies, Chris gained considerable experience in the processes used to manufacture computer chips and solar cells, concentrating his efforts on how novel nanostructured materials could be integrated into factory processes to improve efficiency and/or create new functionality. Chris is the primary inventor of SiMPore’s nanoporous membrane technology platform.

James Roussie, Ph.D.

James Roussie holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Rochester and a M.S. in technology commercialization from the University of Texas. He is a co-founder of SiMPore and has been involved in SiMPore's sales from the outset. Prior to joining the company, he was involved in marketing academic intellectual property at the University of Rochester. James is responsible for managing sales of SiMPore's laboratory products, other product development efforts and its intellectual property portfolio.

Philippe M. Fauchet, Ph.D.

Philippe Fauchet has more than 30 years of experience in silicon photonics, nanoscience, and nanotechnology. Fauchet is the author of more than 400 publications, and has edited 14 books. He is a Fellow and Board Member for numerous scientific, industrial, and governmental entities. Fauchet holds numerous patents. The nanomembrane technologies first developed by SiMPore were discovered in Fauchet’s laboratory at the University of Rochester. He now serves as the Dean of Engineering at Vanderbilt University.

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