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Instructional Guides


Electron Microscopy

Quantitative Assessment and Measurement of X-Ray Detector Performance and Solid Angle in the Analytical Electron Microscope.

Zaluzec NJ. | Microscopy and Microanalysis, 1-13 (2021).

X-Ray Microscopy

Correlative imaging reveals physiochemical heterogeneity of microcalcifications in human breast carcinomas.

Kunitake et al. | J Struct Biol, 202.1 (2018).

Microplastic Capture & Analysis

Silicon Nanomembrane Filtration and Imaging for the Evaluation of Microplastic Entrainment along a Municipal Water Delivery Route.

Madejski et al. | Sustainability, 12, 10655 (2020).

Cell Culture & Assay

The Modular µSiM: A Mass Produced, Rapidly Assembled, and Reconfigurable Platform for the Study of Barrier Tissue Models In Vitro

McCloskey et al. | Advanced Healthcare Materials, 11, 2200804 (2022).

Nanoparticle & EV Capture & Analysis

A Predictive Model of Nanoparticle Capture on Ultrathin Nanoporous Membranes.

Lucas et al. | J Memb Sci, 633, 119357 (2021).


Development of isoporous microslit silicon nitride membranes for sterile filtration applications.

Wright et al. | Biotechnol Bioeng, 117, 879-885 (2020).

Case Studies

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