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Silicon-Based Membranes

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We proudly develop and manufacture freely suspended silicon-based electron microscopy grids and cell culture products for a wide variety of biomedical and material science applications. Our expertise and commitment make us one of the leading bioMEMs companies in the field, dedicated to advancing research and innovation in healthcare and beyond.

Environmental Sciences

Environmental & Materials Science

From electron microscopy to microplastic analysis, SiMPore has the grids, windows, and filters you need to capture detailed, accurate data.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Get the cultureware, chips, and slides you need for accurate data capture for every discipline, ranging from nanofiltration to microfluidics.

Generate Superior Data

SiMPore nanomembranes enable more informative imaging of nanoscale specimens.

Electron Microscopy

Electron Tomography at 2.4 Angstrom Resolution.

Scott et al. | Nature, 483, 444-447 (2012).

X-Ray Microscopy

Correlative imaging reveals physiochemical heterogeneity of microcalcifications in human breast carcinomas.

Kunitake et al. | J Struct Biol, 202.1 (2018).

Microplastic Capture & Analysis

Silicon Nanomembrane Filtration and Imaging for the Evaluation of Microplastic Entrainment along a Municipal Water Delivery Route.

Madejski et al. | Sustainability, 12, 10655 (2020).

Cell Culture & Assay

The Modular µSiM: A Mass Produced, Rapidly Assembled, and Reconfigurable Platform for the Study of Barrier Tissue Models In Vitro.

McCloskey et al. | Advanced Healthcare Materials, 11, 2200804 (2022).

Nanoparticle & EV Capture & Analysis

Real time imaging of single extracellular vesicle pH regulation in a microfluidic cross-flow filtration platform.

Riazanski et al. | Comm Biol, 5, 13 (2022).


Development of isoporous microslit silicon nitride membranes for sterile filtration applications.

Wright et al. | Biotechnol Bioeng, 117, 879-885 (2020).

Enhance the quality of your data with our electron microscopy grids.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

SiMPore uses proprietary etching methods and the latest in bioMEMS and thin-film processing to fabricate freely suspended silicon membranes.

Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication

No matter your membrane application, SiMPore ensures the perfect product to meet your unique needs.


American Water Works Association
Microscopy Society of America
North American Membrane Society
Nanomembrane Research Group
The Water Research Foundation

Enhance the quality of your data.

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