Material Science

The world's thinnest plasma cleanable membranes are enabling researchers to better understand properties of novel materials at synchrotrons and electron microscopes around the globe.

Biological Separations

SiMPore's NanoBarrierâ„¢ technology brings the precision of nanotechnology to membranes reducing the cost for basic laboratory separations and purifications.

Cellular Assays

Nanometer thinness results in unparalleled permeability and imaging quality, enabling miniaturized membrane-supported assays for stem cell differentiation, drug permeability and other in vitro studies.

Fluid flow powered by less than one volt made possible with our pure Silicon Membranes

A collaboration between researchers at University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology leads to breakthrough in microfluidics.

In a recent issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences university researchers and engineers at SiMPore Inc. describe their ability to achieve fluid flow in a miniaturized electroosmotic pump with less than a volt of power. Their findings have important implications for portable diagnostic devices and lab-on-a-chip technologies. 


SiMPore's NanoBarrierâ„¢ technology is used at leading academic, government and industrial research & development facilities.  Applications range from studying the smallest matter using synchrotrons and electron microscopes to understanding the blood-brain barrier to improve delivery of therapeutics.

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