SiMPore develops and manufactures silicon based membranes for biomedical and material science applications. 

Company News

SiMPore and local Rochester NY-area engineers team up to tackle problem of detecting environmental microplastics - 6/14/21
Ibidi GmbH introduces µ-Slide Membrane ibiPore Flow with SiMPore’s Microporous G-FLAT® Membranes - 1/5/21
University of Rochester publishes study of microplastics in local water delivery network using SiMPore’s Microslit Membranes for capture-and-analysis - 12/20/20
Updated NanoMembranes For Life Sciences catalog now available - 10/6/20
SiMPore to manufacture and distribute Nidus Microbubble Array™ single cell culture products; more details coming soon - 10/5/20
SiMPore collaborating with ParVerio LLC to launch consumer microplastic water test - 9/15/20

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