Research Applications

We take pride in developing revolutionary products using our industry-leading silicon nanomembrane technologies for a range of biomedical research and analysis applications including nanoparticle separation.

Life Sciences
Life Sciences

Nanofiltration Membrane Products

SiMPore’s silicon nanomembranes are useful for filtering a range of solutes of varying sizes, from nanoparticles to mammalian cells, and come in several convenient formats.
nanoparticle isolator variations

Particle isolation

Our separation columns feature distinct filtration cut-off options depending on solute size.

SepCon® Spin Vials with 50 nm cut-off enable the capture of nanoscale particles, such as nanoparticles labeled with antibodies or other conjugates.

Bacteria, mammalian cells, and similarly sized particles can be captured with our 0.5 µm, 1 µm, and 8 µm cut-off SepCon® Spin Vials.

All SepCon® Spin Vials are compatible with standard microcentrifuge tubes.

Filter Disc Gasket

Use our 25 mm silicone gaskets and any choice of our porous membrane chips to set up your own vacuum filtration with desired filtration cut-off.

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