Research Applications

We take pride in developing revolutionary products using our industry-leading silicon nanomembrane technologies for a range of biomedical research and analysis applications. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality diy microfluidic products to ensure your success in your research.

Life Sciences
Life Sciences

Microfluidic Cell Culture

Our nanoporous, microporous, and microslit membrane chips are available in a number of cut-off pore sizes and are well-suited for microfabricated microfluidics and OEM applications.

Build Your Own Microfluidic Cell Culture System

Our nanomembranes are available as stand-alone packs for building your DIY microfluidics system. Easily integrate them into fluidic devices to meet your specific applications.

  • Create apical and basal chambers in standard tissue culture plates
  • Culture single and/or multiple cell types on the highest permeable nanomembranes to image cells with exceptional optical clarity
  • Create flow cells for separately addressable chambers, culture and introduce cells, and then image with exceptional optical clarity

Nanoporous membranes:

  • Highest permeability and optical clarity with 50 nm pores
  • Can also be used for filtration-based capture of nanoparticles or creation of nanoemulsions, or similar applications

Microporous membranes:

  • Ideally suited for assay applications where micron-level cut-offs are needed, including separation of bacteria, cells, and similarly sized particles

Microslit membranes:

  • Available in a range of micron-level cut-offs for more demanding Microfluidics separation applications, such as particle isolation, post-conjugation clean up, and analytical interrogations

Our Membrane Configurations

Through a range of proprietary and industry-standard methods, we’re able to offer various membrane configurations to meet your unique needs. 

Nanoporous Silicon Nitride

Nanoporous Silicon Nitride (NPN)

Unmatched capabilities

SiMPore’s innovative nanoporous silicon nitride (NPN) provides unparalleled permeability, optical transparency, and precision pore sizes – all in the same membrane material.

Patented manufacturing

Through a patented manufacturing process, nanopores are randomly created within a Silicon Nitride (SiN) layer of nanometer thickness; this process produces a very high pore density and thus highly permeable membranes.

Reduces inefficiencies

These NPN membranes are atomically flat and chemically inert, enabling markedly reduced biofouling and nonspecific interactions across a wide array of sample types.

Microporous & Microslit Silicon Nitride

Microporous & Microslit Silicon Nitride (SiN)

Uniform design

SiMPore fabricates microporous and microslit membranes within low-stress silicon nitride layers deposited on prime-grade silicon wafers. These porous features are uniformly, photolithographically patterned and etched.

Resilient thickness

Current products offer 10-20% porosity in a robust 400 nm thick membrane for demanding flow-based applications.

Microporous G-FLAT® Silicon Dioxide

Microporous G-FLAT® Silicon Dioxide

Proprietary wrinkle-free substrate

Our microporous G-FLAT™ silicon oxide membranes are manufactured with a patented method, yielding a flat, porous, and glass-like layer. Current silicon nanomembranes are available with 5-20% porosity in a 300 nm thick membrane that is optically transparent.

Directly patterned

These membranes are directly patterned using photolithography, resulting in uniform pore sizes.

Custom Porous Membrane Chip Formats

Custom Porous Membrane Chip Formats

Thickly framed

Currently available Membrane Chips feature a 5.4×5.4 mm, 310 µm thick silicon frame.

Custom specifications

Specific formats and related dimensions for various membrane thicknesses and membrane surface area per chip are listed below. The number of membranes per chip, as well as the membrane thickness (t), will vary depending on membrane product type.

Membrane Configuration Options

Membrane Window Format (Dimensions in um)
Dimension Type ID 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5 Slot 1 Square
Frame Thickness D 310 310 310 310 310 310 310
Window Width W1 700 700 700 300 150 1000 2000
Membrane Window Length L 2000 2500 3000 3000 3000 1000 2000
Frame Window Width W2 1138 1138 1138 738 538 1438 2438
Edge Margin (Sides)   2300 1625 1100 1100 1500 2200 1700
Window Gap d2 750 500 625 450
Membrane Surface Area A 1.4mm2 3.5mm2 6.3mm2 3.6mm2 1.5mm2 1.0mm2 2.0mm2
Example Applications Cell Culture, Flow Cells, Microfluids Dead-End Filtration, Microfluids Cell Culture

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