Custom Capabilities

Using custom fabrication to meet your needs, we fulfill custom membrane silicon fabrication requests for a wide range of applications.

We offer services ranging from genomic and photonic biosensors and microfluidic cell culture to protein and nanoparticle separations and high resolution, environmental electron, x-ray microscopy, and silicon membrane fabrication. Below are some of our most popular custom solutions including custom silicon membranes.

silicon wafer specifications
Silicon Wafer Specifications
  • 100, 200, 300 micron thick, with other thicknesses and CZ/FZ grown options
  • 100 mm (4-inch) diameter
  • 150 mm (6-inch) diameter
custom mask design & mask printing
Custom Mask Design & Mask Printing
  • Feature size resolution to 350 nanometers (line/space resolution)
  • Minimum membrane window size typically ~5 microns
  • Maximum membrane window size (based on film) up to 25 mm x 25 mm
front-to-back alignment lithography
Front-to-back Alignment Lithography
  • Front-to-back tolerance +/-5 microns or better (+/-20 microns for 150 mm)
  • Pores down to 500 nm can be etched in suspended membranes
  • Orientation or identification marks can be etched into the suspended membrane or over support silicon to reduce interference with imaging
metal deposition
Metal Deposition
  • Deposition of aluminum, palladium, and gold (50 to 200 nm thicknesses)
  • Deposition of an adhesive layer of titanium, chrome, etc.
  • Features to less than 10 microns with alignment to membrane windows within +/-5 microns
device packaging
Device Packaging
  • Devices are typically separated from the supporting wafer and packaged in transparent gel boxes for ease of handling and viewing
  • All devices are individually inspected under light microscopy
  • Devices can also be designed with continuous films for spin coating that can be later dissected along scribe lines by the customer
  • Die singulation via multiple dicing processes
chemical vapor deposition
Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • Monolayer vapor phase deposition
  • Range of salinization and alternative chemical modalities
  • Thin film characterization services and testing

While we will custom-create any substrate for your needs, we most often find ourselves working with these popular custom silicon membrane fabrication materials.

pure silicon
Pure Silicon
  • Amorphous, Single Crystal, or Nanocrystalline
  • Sputter deposited 5 to 50 nm thick
  • Nanocrystalline films are nanoporous with tunable pore sizes from 5 to 75 mm
silicon dioxide
Silicon Dioxide
  • Amorphous silicon dioxide
  • G-FLAT™ exclusive ultra-flat oxide
  • Thermal, Sputter, or PECVD deposition
  • Thicknesses from 20 to 4000 nm
silicon nitride
Silicon Nitride
  • Amorphous silicon nitride
  • LPCVD Low stress – tunable
  • Thicknesses from 5 to 2000 nm
  • Ultra-flat suspended membranes

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