Create high-resolution barrier cell models and images of single cell spheroids or multicellular organoids that are experimentally relevant and of exceptional clarity.

Cultureware Options

Get the highest resolution imaging of barrier-forming cells with our Barrier Cell Cultureware and experience uniquely-sized microcavities for a range of cell assays with our Microbubble Array™ Cultureware.

Barrier Cell Cultureware

Barrier Cell Cultureware

Live cell imaging

Image live cells with the highest optical resolution of any membrane insert for barrier-forming cell models.

Easy-to-use format

The ease-of-use of conventional membrane inserts, but with flow-based features of more complicated microfluidic systems.

Experimental flexibility

Highly permeable, nanoporous silicon nitride membranes support cell permeability and cell-secreted analyte assays, while micro+nanoporous silicon nitride membranes enable cellular migration assays across barrier cell layers.

barrier cell cultureware kit

Barrier Cell Cultureware Kits

Flow-based capabilities

Introduce leukocytes to endothelial cell barriers. Mature the endothelial cells using flow stimulation with our flow module kits.

Improves cell seeding

Avoid the problems of flow-based cell seeding, use fewer precious cells, and get them to a mature barrier faster with our cell seeding module kit.

MicroBubble Array™ Cultureware

MicroBubble Array™ Cultureware

Proprietary Gas Expansion Molding (GEM™) process

Our GEM™ process creates arrays of hemispherical microcavities within a cell-compatible silicone substrate layer.

Unique cell assay microenvironments

Available with 50 µm, 100 µm, or 200 µm diameter opening micro cavities that are ideally suited for single cell spheroids, organoid, and other tissue models, respectively.

Versatile and highly scalable

Offered in convenient Chamber Slide, Multi-Well plate, and Culture Dish formats.

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Cultureware Applications

Easily culture and create exceptional images of cells and epithelial barrier systems with our membranes and fluidic system. Explore our specific product recommendations for practical applications.

Live Cell Imaging
Live Cell Imaging
secreted factor study diagram
Secreted Factor Studies
Stem Cell Clonal Selection
Stem Cell Clonal Selection

Find cultureware products for filtering and analysis.