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Founded on the latest science and designed with best practices and patented technologies, our silicon nanomembranes allow for more exact analysis and superior data collection.

Product Categories

Accurate and informative data are the key to research discovery and routine testing. At SiMPore we strive to develop sample preparation substrates and silicon membranes that enable superior data capture and analysis. Our substrates are tailored to provide unmatched performance for a variety of applications.

tem & cryo-EM grids

A range of materials, thicknesses, and thin-film coatings are available, each with different levels of porosity and window count.

x-ray windows

Ideal substrates for X-Ray microscopy and X-Ray spectroscopy techniques, our X-Ray Windows offer window format and membrane material options, like silicon membrane, for a variety of vacuum and temperature conditions.

microplastic filters

Save time and avoid lengthy error-prone transfers by capturing and then analyzing microplastics on the same substrate with optical, infrared, or Raman microscopy. Collect data that is clean, accurate, and respected by the industry with membrane filtration products.


Culture and assay unique single-cell spheroids or multicellular organoids. Create experimentally relevant and flexible barrier cell models and image with exceptionally high clarity.

nanoparticle isolators

Capture, image, and analyze tagged single extracellular vesicles using our revolutionary nanomembrane-based technology, opening the door to exciting Research Use Only and Invitro diagnostics.

porous membrane chips

Our nanoporous, microporous, and microslit membrane chips, available in a number of cut-off pore sizes, are well-suited for microfabricated Microfluidics and OEM applications.

advanced technology

Advanced Technology

We use proprietary etching methods and the latest in MEMS and thin-film processing to fabricate freely suspended silicon membranes.

custom fabrication

Custom Fabrication

No matter your membrane application, we’ll ensure the perfect product to meet your unique needs.

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