SiMPore at Work

SiMPore at Work

June 18, 2024

Check out what other researchers have done with SiMPore filters for microplastics capture and analysis.

Recent publications highlight the unique utility of SiMPore’s filters that enable direct capture and analysis of microplastic particulates on the same filter without any burdensome transfers.

Environmental Pollution

Ingestion of polyethylene terephthalate microplastic water contaminants by Xenopus laevis tadpoles negatively affects their resistance to ranavirus infection and antiviral immunity.
Can et al, 2024.

Eco-Environment and Health

Assessing bioactivity of environmental water samples filtered using nanomembrane technology and mammalian cell lines.
Morgan et al, 2024.


Silicon Nanomembrane Filtration and Imaging for the Evaluation of Microplastic Entrainment along a Municipal Water Delivery Route.
Madejski et al, 2020.


Comparative evaluation of filtration and imaging properties of analytical filters for microplastic capture and analysis.
Carter et al, 2023 Chemisphere.

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