X-Ray Windows

Our X-Ray Windows are ideal substrates for X-Ray microscopy and X-Ray spectroscopy techniques.

X-Ray Window Options

State-of-the-art manufacturing processes and an expert engineering team allow us to offer all variations of our X-Ray Windows at competitive prices. Unlike our competitors, all our X-Ray Windows are made entirely in the USA.

silicon nitride

Silicon Nitride

Incredibly durable

Low-stress LPCVD Silicon Nitride membranes are mechanically strong and well-suited for high temperature and differential pressure environments.

Plasma cleanable

All of our X-Ray Windows can be vigorously plasma cleaned to remove organic contamination.

Increases uniformity

Flat, uniformly deposited films provide consistent backgrounds with low field-to-field variability and high X-Ray transmission.

G-FLAT™ Silicon Dioxide

G-FLAT™ Silicon Dioxide

Proprietary wrinkle-free substrate

Our G-FLAT™ Silicon Dioxide membranes are well-suited for correlative optical and X-Ray microscopy and analyses requiring a nitrogen-free background.

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X-Ray Window Applications

Our X-Ray Windows serve a variety of specific applications related to X-Ray microscopy. Explore our specific X-Ray Window recommendations for these popular applications.

soft xray icon
Soft X-Ray Diffraction Studies
liquid cells
Liquid Cells for Biological X-Ray Studies
material analysis chart
Material Elemental Analyses

Find silicon-based membranes for high-quality analysis.

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