Microplastic Filters

Save time by analyzing microplastics on the same substrate on which they’re captured. By avoiding lightly, error-prone transfers, you’re able to collect accurate, actionable data.

Microplastic Filter Options

Our filters for microplastics analysis feature a range of filter cut-offs, fast flow rates, and are available with and without metal-coatings for spectroscopy compatibility.

Microslit Silicon Nitride

Microslit Silicon Nitride

Faster flow rates

Filter liters of clean water samples in minutes.

Plastic-free background

Flat and uniform microslit silicon nitride membranes offer an even imaging plane that is free of background polymeric signal.

Convenient handling format

Easily handled 25 mm diameter filter discs fit standard vacuum filter apparatuses.

Choice of filtration cut-off

Choose to retain particles from 10 µm to 0.5 µm and serially filter through decreasing cut-off filters and size-fractionate and analyze to single micron-scale particles.

Gold-Coated Silicon Nitride

Gold-Coated Silicon Nitride

Infrared & Raman microscopy compatible

All the same properties as uncoated microslit silicon nitride but with an additional high quality and highly reflective gold coating.

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Microplastic Filter Applications

Save time and increase throughput by capturing and analyzing microplastics on the same media using optical, FTIR, or Raman spectroscopy. Explore our Microplastic Filter recommendations for these popular applications.

Optical Spectroscopy
Optical Spectroscopy
microplastic florescent comparison
Microplastic Capture & Analysis

Find filters, windows, and grids for research and analysis.