Microplastics in Drinking Water: Do Household Pitcher Filters Really Work?

The emerging problem of microplastics in drinking water has recently received much attention in scientific literature and in the broader public press coverage. Many consumers want to know how they can deal with this potential health concern. Using SiMPore’s novel filters for microplastics capture and analysis and Parverio Inc’s proprietary analysis algorithms, a study was […]


SiMPore at Work

Check out what other researchers have done with SiMPore filters for microplastics capture and analysis.

Recent publications highlight the unique utility of SiMPore’s filters, which enable direct capture and analysis of microplastic particulates on the same filter without any burdensome transfers.

PDMS Sheets

Technical Data Sheet: PDMS Sheets and Gaskets

Ultra-Thin PDMS Sheets

Technical Data Sheet: Ultra-Thin Translucent PDMS Sheets Open the PDF in a new tab

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